What is CARE?

CARE is an anonymous reporting mechanism providing a confidential connection between workers and senior management/ownership of an organization.

How does CARE work?

CARE facilitates anonymous communication between its users and organizations through the receipt of information provided in any form (i.e. verbal, electronic) and continues communication between all related parties until the matter is resolved by the organization. All initial reports are communicated to an individual designated by the organization to receive and process such information and commence internal resolution procedures. A summary of all CARE activity is provided to a senior management, chairpersons of audit committees or chairpersons of boards of directors, as determined by the organization.

Is CARE affiliated with my organization?

No. CARE is independently owned and operated by Grant Thornton LLP and is not affiliated with any organizations participating in the CARE program. What can I report? Users can report any number of concerns related to topics pre-selected by their respective organization, such as fraud, theft, conflicts of interest, among others. Please review your organization’s landing page on the CARE website, and related policies for what types of concerns they wish for you to report.

Do I have to reveal my identity?

No. However, there are certain circumstances where your identity may be necessary- for example, if you are reporting harassment toward yourself, your personal safety may be a concern and your identity may therefore be required to ensure appropriate measures are undertaken by your organization. By default, the CARE website is designed for anonymity; however, an option is provided should you choose to identify yourself. Grant Thornton LLP does not track any IP addresses of users of the CARE website.

Why should I trust Grant Thornton LLP to maintain my anonymity?

As a respected professional services firm operating in Canada for over 100 years, we understand the importance of confidentiality in everything we do. We believe confidentiality to be the most critical component of an anonymous reporting process. At Grant Thornton, we not only provide an anonymous reporting service, we also subscribe to one - like your organization, we utilize the services of an independent company for our own reporting and everything we expect from our service provider is implemented by the CARE service made available to you.

Why does Grant Thornton request my email address?

Providing your email address is voluntary, should you chose to do so, it will not be provided to your employer unless you authorize us to do so in the same way that your identity is protected. Having your email address can be valuable if we are helping your employer to investigate your report and require further information.

Why should I check on the status of my reported concern?

Checking on the status of your reported concern is recommended as an important component resolving the issue you have reported. Firstly, you can verify that your concern was received by your organization. Secondly, if there are any questions or requests for additional details, these will be posted for you to respond, where possible. Your continued participation in this form remains anonymous and can be critical in resolving your reported concern. How do I access my reported concern? Following the submission of your report, you will be provided with logon credentials required to access your submission. It is recommended that you keep a record of this information for without it, you will not be able to view the status of your concern or respond to any follow up questions.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

You can communicate additional questions regarding the CARE service by contacting any member of the CARE Response Team at 1-855-484-2273 or usecare@ca.gt.com.